RES are back to present their “updated” scheme. But they’ve chosen not to visit Crathes, one of last year’s busiest exhibitions, and they’re scheduling the exhibitions in Torphins and Banchory between 11am and 2pm which pretty much precludes anyone with a day job from getting to them. Am I being overly critical?

Make sure you get along to one of the meetings and make your voices heard. So far RES have only heard what they’ve chosen to hear.

The turbines they now propose are slightly shorter and there’s one fewer of them. This is exactly as we expected.

We said: –

Maybe the developers will decide on slightly smaller turbines?
Maybe they will reduce the number of turbines?
Maybe the turbine locations will be changed slightly?

As predicted in our October 13th post. – All of the above are true!!
With no substantial difference to the actual impact on the environment or the local and not-so-local communities.

This windfarm is still completely inappropriate for the location.

Windfarms like this, have never and should never be located in areas of such high population density.

This is no more ham an opportunistic money making scheme for an already wealthy landowner and a profit driven development company, taking advantage of a badly informed public perception of an exaggerated climate challenge.

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