Artist’s Impression

There is currently a proposal for 17 wind turbines to be located on the Hill of Fare. Each turbine would be 250m tall. If approved, it would be the tallest onshore wind farm in the UK and of National interest. Planning permission has not yet been sought, but the planning process has commenced.

The project is led by a company called RES and information is available on a website they have set up There is a scoping report you can read, which gives an overview.

Or if you’d just like to see what it might look like …

Key Dates:

  • Deadline September 16th for proposed locations for sound monitoring and visual mock-up of turbines from key local viewpoints. To comment, email RES and cc the community council 
  • Early October 2022 RES public consultations will commence to gain public opinion. Keep an eye on the RES website and the community council website for exact dates.
  • April 2023 RES anticipated planning application submission date.

You can read Aberdeenshire Council’s Strategic Landscape Capacity Assessment for Wind Energy in Aberdeenshire here . – Section1 (Executive Summary) gives an overview of the capacity for wind farms in different locations across Aberdeenshire.