Some people think wind turbines can be strangely attractive, and provide a beacon of hope through the application of technology. I guess that depends on your point of view.

So we thought we’d see what they might look like from the point of view of Edinburgh. Well … what a stunning addition this would be to the Edinburgh skyline.

I was so moved by this vision that I wrote a short poem.

Windfarm on Holyrood

The wind turbines of Holyrood,
seventeen tall and strong,
stand proud o’er Arthur’s Seat,
where the wind sings its song.

The blades turn in the breeze,
capture the power of the air,
providing clean energy,
for Edinburgh’s people to share.

The turbines are a sight to see,
their white blades spinning round,
like a giant’s pinwheel,
rising from the ground.

The turbines are a symbol,
a sign of change to come,
to a future of clean energy,
where the sky is free from smog.

The wind turbines of Holyrood,
provide a glimpse of what may be,
a future of renewable energy,
for Edinburgh to see.

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