Anyone who has been following the Hill of Fare wind factory planning process will know that one of the key dates for official objections (2nd February) has now passed, but that’s not the end of it, in fact to coin a phrase, it’s barely the end of the beginning.

HoFWIG have been very busy in the background developing a detailed position on the objection.

The result of this is the attached document, that puts forward in great detail, ALL our combined reasons for objection, complete with full logical, reasoned and wholly rational justifications.

This document will be used to educate and guide our legal council, the government, the general public, the council and any other relevant interested stakeholders.

It serves as an antidote to the biased, one sided, profit driven arguments that have been used by the developers, the landowners and the government to justify what is, as we have demonstrated in this document, a completely unjustifiable, unnecessary and unsuitable development.

It is rather a large document, because there are is a lot of misinformation to overturn and a lot of truths to share and get out into the public domain.

The HoFWIG team as we have said all along support the goals of sustainability and think that renewable energy is the future, but some of the truths we have learned during our investigations have shocked us, and we think its essential that this alternative, truthful reality is given a platform.

Here it is. Please read, download and share freely.

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