Most of the Scottish mainstream news media picked up on the proposed relaxation of planning rules by the SNP to meet green targets.

It doesn’t take a genius of a political commentator to realise that the main reason for this disastrous policy swerve isn’t some deep seated concern about climate cataclysm, but yet another shallow attempt by the SNP, walking in lock-step with the Greens in Holyrood, to push us along the never-ending road towards independence.

It’s remarkable how much damage these tyrants are willing to do to the Scottish economy, the environment, local social wellbeing; not just now but long into the future, simply to hold onto what is becoming a more and more divisive and unlikely goal, of independence for Scotland.

I include a couple of links below: –

Scottish Daily Express
Scottish Daily Mail

Local fishmonger and self identifying climate scientist, Bob Felcher commented,

“It’s about time the SNP got on with the job and stopped pussyfooting around. Democracy, and especially local democracy is something that we’ll just have to forsake for the good of everyone. This climate cataclysm is something that we need to address right now. There’s no time to spare. If we don’t get windmills everywhere soon, sea level will rise and there’ll be nowhere left to put them; except offshore of course.”

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