Scotland’s wild landscape is set to be hit by hundreds of super-tall wind turbines being proposed across the country. Many of these are up to four times the height of existing schemes. “You really haven’t seen anything like these before.”

The Herald on Sunday has revealed that there are at least 14 major wind farm proposals across Scotland that have bypassed local authorities to go straight to the Scottish Government for consideration directly. These proposals range in size from 720 to 850 feet tall – the equivalent of over 60 double decker buses.

Environmental campaigners who of course are extremely supportive of the transition from fossil fuels to renewables are nonetheless incensed by the developments, warning that Scotland’s world-renowned scenery will be “wrecked” by the projects, and NatureScot, the Scottish Government’s landscape and wildlife watchdog, has already begun to raise concerns.

Just two buildings in the UK would be taller than the largest of the new turbines; both in London – the Shard and the skyscraper 22 Bishopsgate, also known as Twentytwo.

The sheer size of these proposed turbines is staggering, and for the Scottish government to be pushing these developments through the planning process without properly taking into consideration their environmental impact is equally appalling.

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